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The things that a book needs to have to be my favorite: 1. Alpha female- in case you don't understand, it means she needs to have the brains and the brawn. 2. Low-down, dirty, rough and hot sex- which means lights on, amazing oral skills, a large appendage on the male and none of them demand shy. Which brings me to.... 3. Alpha male- a male who does not suffocate the book. He shouldn't be a presumptious asshole about stuff. 4. No miscommunication. 5. A plot that keeps me hooked and panting for more. My favorite authors-Scarlett Dawn, Shelly Laurenston and G.A. Aiken. I will read anything and everything they write. These are the only authors whose books I read without reading the reviews on Goodreads. Authors whose works I like reading- Nalini Singh, Stephanie Laurens, Mary Jo Putney, Loretta Chase, Johanna Lindsey, Lauren Dane, Dana Marie Bell and J.R. Ward. These authors don't keep me hooked like my favorite ones but they do in a pinch. Now that I have it out of my way....... Books!

Pleasantly surprised

Hers to Command - Patricia A. Knight

I have always had a thing for threesomes with powerful characters. And boy this book didn't disappoint.


The story is about a futuristic settlement on another planet which is sentient and is powered by sex between people who are trained to harness and feed it energy.


One of our heroes is tortured and the other is a classic warlord. 


I admit I thought the princess would be a simpering miss but for a princess, she wasn't disappointing. Indeed she was alpha in a very behind the desk way. She was strong when it was needed and not at all just some figurative head. That was what made the book for me really. I don't like a book where the male characters suffocate the plot or the female. For me, the female lead makes or breaks the book and this one was definitely a keeper.


The world building was excellent. The characters all had their own niches with no one invading the other's. The female lead was capable, kind-an optional quality for me, realistic, no-drama and most importantly NOT saintly. I hate the saintly ones.


So all in all, this book hooked me to the point where I am going to download its sequel and read it to see if its anything like this one.