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The things that a book needs to have to be my favorite: 1. Alpha female- in case you don't understand, it means she needs to have the brains and the brawn. 2. Low-down, dirty, rough and hot sex- which means lights on, amazing oral skills, a large appendage on the male and none of them demand shy. Which brings me to.... 3. Alpha male- a male who does not suffocate the book. He shouldn't be a presumptious asshole about stuff. 4. No miscommunication. 5. A plot that keeps me hooked and panting for more. My favorite authors-Scarlett Dawn, Shelly Laurenston and G.A. Aiken. I will read anything and everything they write. These are the only authors whose books I read without reading the reviews on Goodreads. Authors whose works I like reading- Nalini Singh, Stephanie Laurens, Mary Jo Putney, Loretta Chase, Johanna Lindsey, Lauren Dane, Dana Marie Bell and J.R. Ward. These authors don't keep me hooked like my favorite ones but they do in a pinch. Now that I have it out of my way....... Books!


Hers to Choose - Patricia A. Knight

Okay so I am going to rave now....


Sophi.....she surprised me by her strength and her logical reasoning about stuff. I had been prepared for a poor little rich girl after reading the last book but no such thing. She is strong, straightforward and down to earth.


Which leads to Eric....


Again as I said I had been prepared for a hero who was all I man you woman but Eric is instead an amazing man was what I read about. He is a scarred man with an amazing attitude toward sex that I haven't seen in a hero for quite a while.


The story goes Krakoll brings back Allegra Contradina-the fuckin sadistic bitch-to kidnap Sophi so he can negotiate with the Tetriarch for more cinnagin and a peaceful lift off the planet but things go awry as they always do. I won't say more because reading this book has been a pleasure that I want everyone to have.